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At Legends of Denmark, we are english bulldog breeders dedicated to providing you with only the highest pedigree bulldog puppies you could ever ask for. To purchase a puppy from an experienced breeder, be sure to contact us to reserve your puppy of choice.   

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Last Edited 12/03/2020

We are expecting another litter on 12/20/2020


Always ask plenty of questions from you potential breeder and feel comfortable with the person you are dealing with. A breeder should be able to answer any questions you may have and give you plenty of advice about the breed. Do your research and give us a call. We would love to speak to you about our bulldogs and hopefully pair you up with a new family member. Good luck!  


So many times we’re asked why we have older Bulldog puppies for sale in our kennel as well as newborns. In no way should that be an indication of a undesirable puppy, in fact just the opposite. Established show breeders and exhibitors, such as Legends of Denmark must retain puppies that appear in the early stages of their development to be show prospects. When you inquire about purchasing a puppy many times a Show Breeder breeder will withhold two or more from being sold in a litter so they can mature to see if they meet competitive expectations required to be shown for Championships. You just can’t keep them all. Some of these puppies are being held for show homes only which is the majority of our client base.

Rarely to a non-show buyer would you ever notice a difference between our companion puppies and a show puppies. Typically the differences are so slight – such as movement, that only an AKC Official Judge would give it a second look in a competitive situation. It would concern us greatly if we were not producing puppies to hold back and allow for further development and training. A well established Show Kennel will always hold back some puppies for further maturing.

One advantage of the older puppies is that they have been crate trained and have acquired many other disciplines by our professional show handlers including socialization. For those people living in condominiums and apartments they are good choices.

English Bulldog Breeders
We pride ourselves on offering some of the finest bulldogs from the most sought-after bloodlines in America. All of our puppies are sired by champion males, and our bitches come from strong lines as well. There are many things you may not know about bulldogs if you are looking for a quality pet or a potential show dog. Bulldogs are a wonderful breed—one that is great with young children and will add much to your family with lots of love. When it is time for breeding, bulldogs are artificially inseminated, and puppies are usually born through cesarean section, which is the main reason for the significant increase in price from other breeds. The health issues that may arise with a bulldog that has inferior researchable bloodlines can cost a fortune over a long period of time in vet bills. It is very important to do your research before you make an investment in a bulldog. Even in this economy, it is important to buy a bulldog from a breeder that you can trust. It is important to purchase a bulldog that will be healthy, not one that will have chronic problems that result in mounting expenses.

About the Bulldog

The bulldog is small in stature but wide and compact with a thick, massive head. Its head should be broad (the broader the head, the more prized the dog) with cheeks that extend to the sides of the eyes. The skin on the skull and forehead should fall in dense folds. Its muzzle is short and pug, its nose broad and black with large nostrils. Its upper lip is pendent and its lower jaw should be very undershot. Eyes are very round, far apart, and very dark. The ears should be small and thin, folded back in the form of a rose. The tail is short and carries low. The coat comes in red, fawn, brindle, pale yellow, washed-out red, or white, and can combine any of these colors. Black is not acceptable. The muzzle is sometimes dark. With its stocky legs set squarely at each corner of its compact, muscular body, the Bulldog's deliberate gait has become a waddle.


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